Safkhet Publishing was founded in Cambridge, England, in 2010 by Dr. jur. William Banks Sutton and Kim Maya Sutton, after they worked in publishing one way or another since 1988. Within the first year of trading, Safkhet published 10 titles and sold them internationally.

Safkhet Publishing is privately-owned and proudly-independent, with editors in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.


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Our Attitude

Safkhet Publishing is dedicated to a completely paperless office. We are fully Adobe PDF-compatible and are digitally signed.
We are also environmentally conscious; we strive to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. You can rely on us not making unnecessary printouts, and we have chosen short print runs and print-on-demand services.
We will never knowingly harm an animal.
We are open, honest and straightforward. Our no-nonsense approach lets people understand what we do.
We believe in people helping themselves, so we support other independent businesses and non-profit endeavors.

About the goddess Safkhet

safkhetSafkhet is the Egyptian goddess of wisdom, books and libraries and the consort of Thoth, the Egyptian god of writing. Accredited with the invention of writing, she was seen as a scribe and record-keeper. She is symbolized as a standing or sitting woman holding a palm stem, which is used to keep a record of the passage of time. A six-pointed papyrus plant is above her head, her holy symbol. Her connection to papyrus is significant, as the Egyptians used derivatives of the papyrus plant to write upon.

Since the owners of Safkhet Publishing met in Egypt in 1993, the name is almost self-evident.